Editor’s note on July 4, the capital g顺义丽轩水疗会电话reets 38 ℃ high temperature. When what how enjoy air conditioning room when us is cool, have such a few people, they stand fast in the hottest place, those who ensuring this city is smooth move. Top burning sun climbs the top of a mountain, dress of line of outdoors make one’s rounds had not done a person: All previous of room of dimension of carry of transmit electricity of company of power supply of channel of head of door of net Beijing electric power orders the state brilliantly: Door head channel is a mountainous area Spot temperature: 8 jins kit hefts on shoe of work of the coverall of pants of upper safety helmet of more than 45 ℃ , long sleeve length, insulation, electric insulation glove, back, all previous brightness of 52 years old is fully armed, with work in the same placing together, carrying burning sun on the head to enter hill. Yesterday, bear of Beijing electrified wire netting is achieved enter this year since summer highest peak. The situation of door head channel looks be like be far from central the city zone, but the safety of large to whole town power supply network moves to also having crucial effect, “ jumps over this kind of weather, we cannot treat sth lightly more, each place wants double scrutiny! Before the hill on ” , all previous brightness exhorts work in the same placing. This the task of line of make one’s rounds is to check Li Yuan transformer substation to come between transformer substation of pasture issueing reed 22 base electric power iron tower, among them 9 base should check state of iron tower oneself to have as good as constant, the rest of 13 base undertake on this foundation contact is measured bringing streamline even lukewarm. All previous brightness divides work in the same placing into quadruplet, each are in charge of a paragraph. Down cragged little ground road falls from hill climb the first base by the iron tower that wants an examination, all previous brightness has some of asthma, jacket is already wet, there is safety helmet on the head, cover tightly afflictively, sweat bead drips downward down the cheek, a that when safety helmet belt is blocking, color of skin is compared apparently other place is white on the face. Suck two tones greatly, adjusted breath, all previous brightness takes out binoculars, the insulator that lead hangs on examination iron tower has flaw, examine guide ground wire has burn, break spirit, the gold on lever tower is provided whether all ready, mouth peg, bedspring peg has without be short of break, corrode …… to be examined one by one, record one by one, after more than 10 minutes, the examination ends. Line of the make one’s rounds on “ hill is circuitous route go more, physical strength is used up big, but also do not have method. The ” of “ circuitous route that brightness of ” all previous says, show fluctuation hill must go same namely a road. In corporation of power supply of door head channel’s responsible electric power iron tower, the part of 98.5% is in a mountainous area, often this hilltop one base, that hilltop one base, there is connecting road among, can check this hilltop only, first former road is returned downhill, climb next the top of a mountain again, “ comes out this, coverall is wet completely, more never mention it the vest of within, had not worked. Brightness of ” all previous says, everyday life, check of such make one’s rounds a day of circuit is enough, catch up with weather of high temperature extreme, when the negative charge that use phone is big, increase to smoke even afternoon measure perambulatory, in order to ensure safety of urban electrified wire netting moves smoothly. The electric power that worked nearly 30 years guarantees the job, the line of outdoors make one’s rounds that all previous brightness leaves to high temperature, maintenance works already be accustomed to sth, “ wants to be able to make sure the city uses phone only on the safe side, we are bitter bit tired bit also be worth! Brightness of ” all previous says. The hottest when dispatch a vehicle, because at this moment rubbish is most character: Machine of Beijing of group of Beijing environmental sanitation sweeps rubbish of service center of environment of company abstruse garden to receive carry hillock environmental sanitation to be versed in ground of Wang Yu nods: Temperature of spot of highway of Olympic park landscape: The landscape highway delicacy of cent when 39 ℃ are怎么找陪游女 noonday has shady and cool, marble ground rising has billow heat wave, sunshine is pricked so that the person opens do not open his eyes. Height is close a meter of Wang Yu of 8 bows, get into rubbish to receive the cab of carry car. Cab is北京金沙烁ktv heated up so that let person choking, steering wheel, seat is baked so that some warm a hand, mouth of move of king eaves Lie, launch a car quickly, to Olympic park landscape highway sails. Car controlling use stops beside a dustbin, wang Yu pushs the door to get off, the many mineral spring water bottle, has used napkin, rubbish such as snacks outer packing already piled in an ash-bin among them. Wang Yu pulls open the wicket of dustbin deftly, take out ash-bin, pour the rubbish in the bucket in the large garbage can with rear car controlling use, by the barrel that takes keg, had arranged the black polybag that fills rubbish, go to keg replace again in dustbin. Arou丰台五号公馆ktvnd cleared 10 come an ash-bin, wang Yu already streaming with sweat, prothorax, hind back coverall is already drenched stick on the body, the sweat inpour on the head in the eye. The glove inconvenience that there is exercise on the hand is brushed, wang Yu blinks have sth in mind, exert all one’s strength drive up arm, the dress loiter that goes up with shoulder loiter. Return cab, wang Yu took the towel that is hanged on steering wheel edge to brush two faces, driver’s seat the young fan of side upper part leaves the biggest, the face sticks the past, shut an eye to be being blown. “ cannot stay to have to get off a little while actually, blow also cannot run much big thing, how much to cross can comfortable bit. ” Wang Yu takes a bottle of mineral water of crural edge, at a heat below fill half bottles, there is ice when “ comes out, so meeting change of normal temperature, come out so that take 3 bottles every time, differ go back to be drunk did not have. ”Why “ is not the hottest in a day when dispatch a vehicle? ” reporter indissolubles. “ because at the moment is a meal bit, tourist concentration, rubbish amount is large also. ” Wang Yu explains, draw near summer vacation, the tourist of Olympic park is cruel add, every arrive midday, some tourists can sit in landscape highway side of box meal, bubble takes on the couch of two side, the task nature that rubbish Qing Dynasty carries is some heavier also. Square patrols turn circuit, in garment obedience wet the character outside arriving: Iron alarm place of of Liu Jiang, Guo Lei: Temperature of spot of of Beijing station square: Upper temperature amounts to 60 ℃ “ to be nodded fortunately in the morning, midday but dare not let it come out, iron a foot. ” in the morning 9 when make, beijing station square just sends the first batch to reach a peak. On square, the police officer of group of work of police dog of place of public security of two Beijing railroad is taking Liu Jiang and Guo Lei ” of their black wolf of old fellow ——“ is patrolling. “ of 5 years old is black this year wolf ” is sheperd dog of a Germany, ear stands times straight, hold neck high to hold out a bosom often 4 look. Right now, square temperature has begun to lift. Liu Jiang is group of police dog work politics appoint, he introduces, since heat carry was started on July 1, police dog team has undertaken in 3 conflagration station make one’s rounds prevents cloth to accuse. Increase sharply of heat carry passenger, the person that loses baggage also rises more, if patrol when encounter derelict luggage, can undertake discharging checking first by police dog, handle by the policeman again. Nevertheless, high temperature day cannot make police dog long patrol. Yesterday, temperature of the earth’s surface of Beijing stati北京大兴小月仙spaon square can break through 60 ℃ midday, feel a very hot hand. If be police dog,go above, little pork mat is too very hot, on foot have to “ put down skips ” . Draw near midday, liu Jiang has found a place for ” of “ black wolf, he Guolei patrols by the plan be on duty. Beijing station square is not big, but all the way, have passenger ask the way ceaselessly, liu Jiang, Guo Lei stops to give the other side the explanation patiently ceaselessly. Square ground is basked in hoarly, iron plate is euqally reeky. “ comes out to turn circuit, fume so that the eye does not open. ” is very fast, sweat bead go up from cerebral door, on eyelid, big big ground ooze goes out, long sleeve police uniform already sweat collapses to be carried on the back after. Heat carry passenger flow returns “ to did not come up now, spend half month again, passenger number came up with respect to this, encounter the circumstance more such as derelict luggage everyday to moment. ” wipes the sweat that attends cerebral door, liu Jiang laughs helplessly. Take a T-shirt more everyday, do not make sweat be soiled flyblown police uniform character: Ground门头沟哪个足疗店有推油 of of Gao Saiwei of policeman of group of Hu Jialou transportation nods: Day world crossing Spot temperature: Although draw near,be close to 50 ℃ midday, the car discharge of crossing of world of Chang’an Street day did not see decrease. The station is amo搭伴游旅行协议ng wagon flow direct, gao Saiwei of policeman of group of Hu Jialou transportation’s straightforward form is conspicuous very. Scorching, beside each car course, a heat wave comes over, the thermometer shows had been close to 50 ℃ . Thing direction wagon flow measures “ to be compared with photograph of height of morning and evening midday, had calculated little, still can be travel of meeting occurrence car slow phenomenon, spot director meets someone some smoother. ” does not have any sunshade all round broad crossroad, wear the burning sun of short sleeve uniform, Gao Saiwei the top of head that adorns complete set equips, take each way of crossing from time to time, to vehicular traffic dredge. Be less than 20 minutes, sweat already flowed downward down neck. I still had calculated “ , either the sort of perspiring constitution. Our some colleague stands below past sun, that sweat drips downward continuously. ” Gao Saiwei feels embarrassed ground laugh. The northeast horn of crossing has one place 24 hours to move alarm Wu hillock, assure everyday 2 to 3 policemans, complementary alarm be on duty here, but according to the regulation, must have a policeman outer be on duty, “ basically our everybody stands half hours, answer alarm have a break in Wu hillock or car, let other staff be replaced, otherwise the body is overcome really. ”To make a policeman some cooler, each transportation group is everyday be on duty the policeman prepared the medicines and chemical reagents such as water of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop and glacial water. Water takes Ke Bing alarm in Wu hillock, wen Shui also changes after a few hours. Gao Saiwei’s blue still has T-shirt of a 延安伴游black in short sleeve uniform. How does the weather with so hot “ still wear two dresses? ”“ stood half many hour or meeting perspire, the dress will be drenched, pickled trace is completely after working not good-looking, and influence alarm look. ” Gao Saiwei explains, “ after all we stand outside, represented the form of capital policeman namely, a dress is worn again inside, heat have nothing to do, I go to work everyday, want to take a T-shirt more. ”After 40 minutes, end a job, of Gao Saiwei two buccal be basked in aglowly by the sun with the arm. Return alarm Wu hillock, he drank two bottles of mineral water at a heat. Although very painstaking, but the car that safe conduct looks at on stage of station on guard and pedestrian, gao Saiwei showed bright smile, “ hopes to give some of traffic accident less, much cent is smooth, we are a bit tiredder it is worthiness. ” says, gao Saiwei changes that T-shirt that has had already, prepare mount guard again.