Come day after day, beijing lasts high temperature, quantity of water supply of day of the city zone is climbed continuously litre, day all water quantity is controlled in 3.4 million stere, quantity of highest day water supply achieves 3.606 million stere (on July 1) , water supply of the city zone already was in exalted moving position. To answer the water supply demand that increases continuously, ensure urban water supply is safe, group of town tap water already started height water supply to ensure beforehand case, strengthen water supply to attemper, optimize water supply to move, aggrandizement lash-up value is defended, ensure safety of capital water supply with all one’s strength. In the morning 9 when, group of town tap water attempers for waterborne travel the staff member in centra北京永浩ktv营业时间l hall is holding meeting of daily hold a conference or consultation. As we have learned, enter summertime summit water supply from June 1 since safeguard period, attemper the center begins to carry out mechanism of daily hold a conference or consultation, summary before today circumstance of water supply of the city zone and each water works run state, according to weather forecast the analysis is forecasted that day water requirement of the city zone, go to water supply task allocation each water workses. 9 when half, it is south stree徐州沃德桑拿设备t of long Chinese toon in 11 buildings on the west side, a few wear blue labour to take, the maintenance technician of Dai Anquan ca北京顺义都唛ktv陪酒p is in the head roadside pulls a cordon, encircle a well amid. Via checking, this is one place DN40 (diameter 40 millimeter) cut door dish the root is slack, the well below need works. See a master holds aeriform detector only, undertake data detects. After affirming the gas inside the well is eligible, another master movement reachs pit bottom below adept cultivated land, twist the door that use check with spanner little, tangle on new Pan Gensheng inserts, screw cut door again. 5 minutes, maintenance ends. As we have learned, center of 96116 customer service receives group of town tap water user newspaper is repaired, can distribute task sheet administer the maintenance place inside limits, personnel meets rush to repair verify a condition to the spot inside 1 hour, have rush to repair quickly, solve the of all kinds problem that use water in time. During summertime summit water supply, appeal to to begin “ to receive better do ” work namely, undertake water supply rush to repair is maintained in time, the group arranges lash-up value to defend personnel in all more than 600, car of rush to repair more than 130, mechanical equipment 770 (cover) , unit of water supply rush to repair is on duty 24 hours and equipment is diligent, strengthen job of lash-up rush to r北京海淀永泰福朋水疗中心epair, raised safeguard of water sup北京大公馆ktv小费多少ply safety to spend. Ensure a level to increase water supply capacity ceaselessly. This city works of the 10th water already this year by April to water supply of the city zone, quantity of water supply of day of this water works increased 250 thousand stere from 200 thousand stere on July 2, the water supply that promot延庆特色按摩服务ed sunny area effectively the eastpart part and area of share of the division that tell a state ensures a level; Go in for sth in a large scale works of yellow village water will throw 密云ktvproduction to move at the last ten-day of a month in July, to go in for sth in a large scale water supply of new city district, reduce works of water of the city zone stage by stage to go in for sth in a lar山西桑拿泳池设备ge scale the filling water quantity of new city district. The group still will advance Yi Zhuang quickly factory of water works, stone scene landscape, go in for sth in a large scale river of stage of works of International Airport water, abundant on the west 2 with the new water such as works of water of 3 water works, hot spring the factory builds plan.


Before 3 months, a next water pipeline once from all round villager home is direct Bai Yang form sediment; Nowadays, these conduit are entered the new pipeline of net of sewage disposal canal is replaced, sewage also turns into through processing gurgle clear water. Sewage enters form sediment progressively “ clears ” , for Bai Yang rehabilitate of form sediment zoology turns over new one page. This backside, beijing comes to those who fall accumulate for years treat corrupt experience little ground is in be born of Bai Yang form sediment, blossom. This year, hero installs foreign form sediment of dialogue of new developed area the starting environment such as the sewage of village of edge of medium, form sedimen顺义麦颂ktvt, rubbish, toilet administers 78 form sediment integratedly. Reporter seek by inquiry learned recently, 28 villages that Beijing catchment group administers already took the lead 大兴盲人按摩in realizing sewage to collect, processing. Three month pays off new idea of overflow of “ halcyon ” to just was entered July, white foreign form sediment begins to greet the season of the most beautiful travel in, torrid weather makes lotus gradational bloom, large quantities of tourists go boating to swing at bulrush, experiencing the amorous feelings in distinctive form sediment. Install new county how to press down Wang Jiazhai newly all around annulus water, of ” of the halcyon in having “ form sediment say. In the morning, the villager people the tourist that toing disembark in accost of enthusiasm of village mouth dock. But what differ with in former years is, dock square is much this year small landscape of one place fountain, clang clang clear water pours fall after a rise of high number rice, buy a cool idea for sorching summer not only, also make village mouth much divide fine feeling. “ this but not only it is one place landscape, it still has aquatic condition to govern function. ” Heibei hero installs Gao Huaibo of general manager of limited company of science and technology of boreal catchment environment to tell a reporter, fountain lower part is the little wet ground that a 20 square metre control, there is sanded stone filling to be able to filter already inside water quality, still the hydrophyte such as water green, calamus, hornwort is used at the contaminant in adsorbed water, rise to purify the action of water quality further. Via the second birth water that this pours out of wetly, heibei of water quality excel saves sewage of one class A to discharge a s门头沟有家庭式按摩保健吗tandard, can emit into form sediment continuously, the villager also can irrigate a flower with these water, for road aspersion. Wang Jiazhai shares 14 islands, often live population overtakes 3500 people, it is the village in first form sediment that administers this. The edge tool of processing hides inside the “ container ” by fountain. Gao Huaibo says, unit of processing of unifinication of this portable type is a small-sized sewage treatment plant actually, can let 180 tons of sewage clear everyday. On the base that transforms original catchment cop, among village of construction staff union tall, all around low characteristic, circle insular a week to decorate cop stopping water again, villager sewage can collect processing entirely. At present most villager home already accepted tubal web inside the village, flow into processing of station of small-sized sewage disposal. The sewage of the village clears water, use only 3 short month, so sharp change makes the villager very surprizing. Beijing experience is treated corrupt have “ menu”In white foreign form sediment, the village altogether that needs processing so like Wang Jiazhai has 78.北京哪家ktv有陪唱 Here, the ” of “ B大兴区的ktv有哪些eijing experience that the staff member administers sewage uses every village alive, open the prescription that gave to differ. The village of a travel that Shao village village is cen北京ktv出台费ter of white foreign form s泡脚ediment, at ordinary times the life is controlled 50 tons with water, but compare with holiday population on the weekend much at ordinary times, many 339 tourists, sewage quantity may achieve 779 tons. According to staff member observation, the concentration of villager catchment period of time is arrived at 11 o’clock midday afternoon at 1 o’clock, can form blowdown small height everyday. Company of boreal platoon equipment allows to install a day to handle equipment of 80 tons of sewage according to the essence of blowdown flow rate of this hamlet, make 3 sewage early days technically still collect a bucket, can collect 30 tons of北京顺义马卫生院坡推拿按摩 sewage in all, ensure sewage to stabilize processing thereby. ” of type of menu of “ of small-sized sewage disposal rules this kind of country that uses in white foreign form sediment corrupt, already was in Beijing actually conciliatory, Yan Qing, Ping Gu, suitable justice wait for a suburb to popularize application. 2017, catchment group to upper reaches of river of wild goose dwell station of 36 sewage disposal undertakes water quality carries mark to transform, it is to obtain favorable result more. Zheng Jiang shows president of Beijing catchment group, processing of environment of water of this white foreign form sediment is equivalent to a processing that is in Beijing experience is drawn lessons from come over, optimize plan through upgrading further, ensure the high-quality goods master piece that makes processing item into “ hero install quality ” . The end of the year shine new 78 villages will change greatly form sediment water area has Bai Yang exceed 2/3 to be located in install new county. Should administer environment of zoology of form sediment of repair Bai Yang, be about above all village of area of punish form sediment and environment of village of form sediment edge. Unifinication of 78 villages environment administers the white foreign form sediment that starts this year project, the key that is processing of pollution of the source inside white foreign form sediment one pace. How does adjust measures to local conditions eliminate contaminative source? Install new county to live build the bureau is relevant personnel introduction, since these a few months, run a principle according to governmental dominant, market, adopt lash-up equipment processing, diversion to collect, outside carry deals with wait for a variety of method, already was opposite 46 not to amount to mark sewage disposal stands and sewage draining exit of village of the village in form sediment, form sediment edge undertakes administering. Press a plan, 78 villages are administered integratedly will finish at the end of the year check and accept and amount to mark operation. Outside removing foul water, integrated punish will undertake sweeping to rural life rubbish, Bao Jie, collect, processing, outside carry, advocate rubbish classification and on the spot to decrease quantify, collect of rubbish of the life in realizing a village completely, complete processing. Sewage is discharged continuously no longer, the toilet is transformed anew, litter drop off, the white foreign form sediment with the Shui Gengqing that villagers expect, greener bank, turning into step by step reality.


On July 4 12 when 31 minutes, bear of Beijing electrified wire netting achieves twenty million three hundred and thirty-five thousand kilowatt, this is to was entered 2019 since summer head defeat 20 million kilow北京海淀荤的ktvatt, achieve enter this year since summer highest value. Reporter from the country respect of net Beijing electric power learns, suffer continuously influence of high temperature weather, air conditioning drop in temperature load growth is apparent. Begin from July 1, bear of Beijing electrified wire netting maintained involve the tendency that rise continuously, yest北京六道口唱吧麦颂ktverday 12 when 31 minutes, peak load of electrified wire netting achieves twenty million th北京一对一女上门中医按摩ree hundred and thirty-five thousand kilowatt, among them, drop in temperature bear is occupied than about 40% . Country relevant controller introduces net Beijing electric power, make sure Beijing electrified wire netting moves to live smoothly normally with the dweller the respect that use phone, personnel of adjusting control of Electricity Department door dogs closely bear of electrified wire netting goes situation, strengthen counterpoise to carry the moving surveillance of equipment; Those who enhance pair of power facilities is perambulatory; Team of lash-up rush to deal with an emergency, staff is entire mount guard perch, answer breakdown 顺义量贩ktvof of all kinds sudden electric power at any time. In the meantime, electricity Department door is in boreal capital city deputy center, go in for sth in a large scale the key area such as the airport, forecast the dweller延庆河边ktv叫什么 village of transformer burden to wait for main room, outfitted high 北京个人推拿养生capacity generator car ahead of schedule, offer mobile la大兴玩得开的ktvsh-up to reserve at any time power source, although happen,break out a state to also can renew power supply quickly. In addition, electricity Department door appeals the soc顺义丽轩水疗会有spa吗iety uses electric unit each, carry out general office of the State Council strictly to control a standard about temperature of public construction air conditioning, maintain air conditioning temperature to install not under 26 Celsius; The citizen establishs consciousness of energy-saving environmental protection, develop the good habit that use phone.


Industry and informatization ministry were held in organization of Hainan rich a huge legendary turtle a few days ago ” industry of automobile of new energy resources develops a program (2021-2035 year) ” advisory committee conference. The conference puts forward, should start next ” industry of automobile of new energy resources develops a program (2021-2035 year) ” work out. The series of industry and program of Xin Guobin of informatization ministry undersecretary’s representing that draft introduced on the meeting ” program ” the work out concerns a situation, express to will innovate from the technology, industrial co北京好的荤场ktvnfluence, cooperate with with traditional car development, internationalization, new pattern and new student condition, policy ensures 6 respects to begin special subject to consider.    The program series that draft was formed ” program ” outline first draft,门头沟7号院按摩 put forward ” program ” task of goal of overall train of thought, strategy, key and the consideration that plan to carry out, strive first draft is formed before the end of the year. Up to by 2018, ou石景山区足疗按摩店r country already made the whole world 4 years continuously market of car of the biggest new energy resources. Before this year in May, produce and sale of car of our country new energy resources finishs four hundred and seventy-nine thousand eight hundred to mix four hundred and sixty-four thousand five hundred respectively, than going up year of the correspon怎么找伴游ding period grow respectively 46% with 41.51% . Suffer allowance strength to glide considera北京中医院推拿科bly influence, city of car of near future new energy resources is added fast put delay. How to cast off allowance to depend on, it is the major test that look forward to of car of new energy resources faces. Indu平谷神韵ktv多少钱stry is conjectural, give aid to than丰台哪家ktv有小妹 what pure electric car takes dominant place before this policy, new the choice that development of one edition estate plans to will have a variety of technology way, especially car of hydrog密云足疗保健spa养生馆enous fuel cell can be taken seriously.


On July 4, one year the arrow of tight construction bowls last a period of time the Great Wall 2 period Beijing writtens guarantee copy project passes Duan Xiu smoothly to be checked and accept on the spot. The reporter presses down a government to understand from dwell of conciliatory area wild goose, the arrow buckles the Great Wall 2 period Beijing writtens guarantee project of Duan Xiu copy holds to “ the least intervention, long old as usual ” principle, the historical value that ensures thoroughly inheritance Great Wall is accumulated for years. Reparative You Ying flies to this project to admire to Beijing knot (namely 151 enemy buildings reach side wall to 154 enemy broadcasting station) include enemy building 3, enemy broadcasting station 1, side wall 5 paragraphs, full-length 744 meters. The project involves project of main body, ground two parts. The arrow buckles the Great Wall 2 period the demonstrative dot that Beijing writtens guarantee project of Duan Xiu copy already became Chinese government to recommend, will be countrywide brick Great Wall in the future reparative offer draw lessons from. The arrow buckles the Great Wall 2 period Beijing writtens guarantee project of Duan Xiu copy holds to “ the least intervention, long old as usual ” principle, the historical value that ensures thoroughly inheritance Great Wall is accumulated for years, maintain ” of feeling of its “ vicissitudes of life. The new brick virgin material of reparative project uses scale than before have drop apparently, basically follow the principle that can use old brick to add new brick no longer, some wall body collapse, city brick old stuff drops into hill to fall, reparative personnel also can collect its all time, try to use afresh. Because suffer nature to gobble up efflorescent, catchment all the year round not pothole of misshapen, ground also holds the wall put oneself in another’s position that the reason such as free creates “ installs ” formerly, what come out to growing from inside Great Wall noumenon is arboreous, construction also just gave proper平谷按摩大保健 reservation, 20 more than individual plant is arboreous still arrow of “ ornament ” buckles the Great Wall, the Great Wall brick that still consolidate is used is decided completely according to ancient magic art make, ensure its former juice raw ingredient. The arrow is buckled 2 period reparative introduce capital of 10 million yua顺义哪个ktv好一些n of societies to be used at first reparative. Meanwhile, the arrow buckles reparative project to still take an examination of institute of ancient prose rich to cooperate together with Beijing University, join archaeology task, every other 5 meters a mark, come up out of land near detailed notes and cave in the detail of bricky stone, cultural relic. Archaeology personnel through clearing the dust collected on furniture above the Great Wall is mixed vegetation, the analysis studies craft of city of this end length and bricky stone material are qualitative, form report feedback to give construction square, refine reparative program effe房山中医院有推拿ctively, have specific aim land more re北京哪个ktv玩得开parative Great Wall. Wild goose dwell is pressed down on the west bar child the member that village arrow buckles 27 Great Walls of Great Wall a sector of an area to protect from May 1 since mount guard, everybody is weekly at least go on a tour of inspection two, lest produce needless r密云润海城足浴isk,climb the touri密云英伦国际ktv消费st that climbs wild Great Wall in admonish of important crossing a section of a hi伴游天下ghway not only, still can publicize knowledge of protective Great Wall in process of go on a tour of inspection. Nowadays, the arrow buckles the Great Wall paragraph first phase (arrive 146 numbers 150 enemy buildings namely day ladder flies to admire to the eagle paragraph) , 2 period Beijing writtens guarantee Duan Jun already was passed check and accept, will differ according to each paragraphs nex成都伴游女微信t characteristic, finish to conciliatory churchyard Great Wall stage by stage according to importance comprehensive and reparative.


After hospital of afterwards Beijing friendship connects city courtyard area to open examine formally, on July 4, in the S山水桑拿和丽晶桑拿ha Yuzhen after arranging justice area, beijing friendship hospital arranges project of principal part of justice courtyard division formal start. It is reported, cover an area of those who exceed 240 thousand square metre is suitable after justice courtyard area builds, work out bed will amount to 1500 pieces, city of service future science and Beijing area, still hope radiation ferry area. Arrange justice courtyard area to predict second half of the year was cast 2023 with. This year in June, beijing friendship hospital arranges project of justice courtyard area to obtain city to develop innovation appoint project approving give an official. Project place is located in the Sha Yuzhen after Beijing arranges justice area, day north road reachs east, abundant peaceful road reachs on the west, friendship new market reachs south, high speed of line of north of boreal adjacent a门头沟水疗的地方irport, total floor area 241740 square metre. Since friendship hospital arranges justice courtyard area to approve project approving from municipal government, already started construction of foundation foundation project, work in great quantities through early days, already completed work of pre-construction of main body project at present, phase of construction of engineering of main body of make one’s bow. Project construction content includes the function such as ability of door emergency call, cure, scientific resear福州模特伴游ch, education to use room and establishment of form a complete set to use a room. In addition, returned synchronism to implement the road, afforest project outdoor and municipal project. Arrange bed of staff of justice cour北京定福庄荤场KTV攻略tyard region 1500 pieces, among them first phase plans bed 1000 pieces. Secretary of friendship hospital Party committee, director laborious has Qing Dynasty to express, one of significant move that as scanty Jie Fei ferry of capital function, stimulative Beijing hopes to develop in coordination, after friendship hospital arranges justice courtyard area to build, the city that will become one furniture to have the integrated function such as 3 stage shell belongs to medical center, according to the design 石景山古城 按摩dimensions can implement day all door emergency call measures 6000 person-time left and right sides. Arrange justice courtyard area to be able to satisfy the medical treatment that arranges justice area and capital airport periphery to serve demand not only, return area of look forward to of meeting radiate ferry. At present friendship hospital already began to start medical personnel to lay in the job, already the talent is introduced, also have hospital education. At present project construction contracts unit already invite public bidding ends, by group of Beijing city building finite liability company is in charge of project, plan investment of complete of second half of the year was used 2023. Friendship hospital is new China after holding water, the first when party and government build l大兴中医院按摩arge omnibus丰台宋家庄个人spa按摩 hospital. Prospective hospital will realize one courtyard 3 location. Among them, arrange justice courtyard area to will serve prospective science city, in difficulty danger weighs talent of innovation of sickness make a diagnosis and give treatment, great new technology, clinical research and high administrative levels to foster a respect to produce major effect. Meanwhile, friendship h北京荤场ktvospital is located in the medical treatment that the old courtyard area of the city zone is in charge of satisfying core area on the west to serve demand; Area of the courtyard that tell a state basically serves safeguard city deputy center.


June since the middle ten days of a month, antrum inn presses down each village to begin to center wheat harvest in succession. Among them, continue to hold a title 9 years continuously ” of contest of high production of “ Beijing wheat the first antrum inn vill北京金沙烁ktvage a few days ago ” of “ start harvesting. Walk into the garden of sightseeing of agriculture of antrum inn village that covers an area of 600 mus, set prescription is connected piece golden cornfield greet, the mower, machine that receive bead and baler are in field exercise. Mower forwardly apace is harvesting ear of wheat, ” of follow at sb’ heels of “ of the machine that receive bead ever since, always preparing to receive the “ booty ” of mower. Baler filters mower “ the wheat straw aft泰州会所贴吧er ” is plunged into bunch, be carried to come by van again into the wheat straw that bind the base that raise a cattle, b平谷spa按摩ecome arrogant feed ……This is the setting of spot of start harvesting of cornfield of antrum inn village, according to antrum inn village the staff member makes unripe introducing, this year of antrum inn village average mu produce it is 1200 jins about, in last few years the sheet of antrum inn village mu crop record appeared 2014 ——1363.6 jin. In the contest of Beijing wheat high production that in Beijing agrotechnical promotion station holds, antrum inn village comes from 2009 2017, continue to hold a title 9 years continuously the first, be known as &ldq北京紫竹桥按摩uo; wheat harvest ” of the first village. On June 18, antrum inn town began the concentration this year wheat harvest works. Antrum inn village has cornfield 1100 mus, among them, garden of sightseeing of agriculture of antrum inn village covers an area of an area the biggest, have 600 mus. Below the help of mechanization, whole village 1100 mus of cornfield 4 days achievable reap the job. In last few years, every arrive wheat harvest season, can photography lover hurries to antrum inn to film from the urban district wheat harvest picture. I like “ very much nature, antrum inn here have big 桑平谷喝店ktv电话拿会不会被警察抓cornfield, wind blows the picture of rippling wheat, let me feel long-unseen Jing is colourful, want to pat these beautiful scenery share more friends. ” say of a senile photography lover. Let a tourist return to nature, experience natural beauty adequately, this is the glamour place of the agricultural sightseeing garden that antrum inn village makes mainly this year. The staff member tells sightseeing丰台推油爱北京 garden the reporter, after wheat harvest is finished, can plant on ensiling corn, when waiting for corn to blossom, the view that sends a bumper harvest will be inside garden. Current, inside garden everywhere establishment has been built end, highway of view scene stage, arbor, corridor wearing, the four seasons and lotus pool already all shaped, the tree of flowers and plants that plants on greenbelt everywhere is in conserve. Sightseeing garden sits in the arbor of entry point full dweller, bian Xin admires the beautiful scenery of cornfield bumper harvest, the daily life of a family talks casually about by the side of, be enmeshed in rural beautiful scenery. According to antrum inn personnel of town agriculture office work introduces, antrum inn is pressed down this year wheat harvest mu number predicts to be in 4500 mus. Up to on 重庆女伴游服务价格June 20, antrum inn town already had 14 villages to begin wheat harvest to work, reap about 2000 mus in all; 14 villages begin summer kind corn, cultivate about 1200 mus in all.


To celebrate international Olymp重庆伴游网ic day, beijing winter Olympic都市豪情ktv少爷石景山 北京房山食柜ktvGames Organizing Committee was met in Beijing world garden on June 23 held “ to run quickly to winter of ” of actuate of the whole people of 2022 green start of a race Beijing world garden meets abstruse theme activity and Alibaba commonweal runs activity. Olympic Games Organizing Committee of delegate Beijing winter released Zhang Jiandong of executive vice-chairman of Olympic Games密云新万都ktv电话 Organizing Committee of winter of Beijing deputy mayor, Beijing ” the Olympic Winter Games mixed Beijing 2022 abstruse meeting low carbon manages wintry incomplete working program ” . Zhao Ying of undersecretary of zoology environment ministr杭州伴游经纪y civilian attend an activity. Zhang Jiandong says, on June 23 this special day, garden of world of Beijing of have the aid of meets this internationally reveal platform, we are released formally to the whole world ” Beijing abstruse meeting low carbon managed Olympic Winter Games and wintry inc北京市海淀区保健按摩院omplete 2022 working program ” , implement idea of civilization of zoology of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general in the round, take step actively, strengthen a system to innovate, drive application of low carbon technology to set an example, begin should cooperate to climate change international, gas of effective control greenhouse is discharged, make Beijing Olympic Winter Games becomes China to show global zoology civilization to build the main platform of the participator, contributor, person that lead and window hard. Beijing Olympic Winter Games will use low carbon the sources of energy, make system of traffic of low carbon of low carbon place, construction, drive build Beijing Olympic Winter Games standard of business accounting of low carbon administration, promote project of forestry solid carbon, encourage experience abstruse enterprise is donated discha北京洗桑麻按摩rge quota, benefit of promotion carbon general makes an item, attract diversity of social all circles to enter low carbon winter abstruse action. In mobile spot, group representing waits for delegate of ” of example of Beijing of environmentalist, “ , athlete delegate, Alibaba to give out low carbon environmental protection to initiate jointly, appeal everybody action rises, it is jointly hold a wonderful, extraordinary, outstanding winter abstruse grand meeting, build day of bluer, hill to accelerate the beautiful China of greener, Shui Gengqing make larger contribution. Nearly 1000 peo推油ple attended subsequently commonweal to run activity, with run will support Beijing Olympic Winter Games to achieve green mild goal.


桑拿房的更衣柜尺寸 Draw near graduation season, have a batch of such undergraduates, abandon the rich and generous firewood fulfil, flourishing life that abandons big city, the basic level with choice difficult take root, choice returns to home town, they are the students of college of Beijing grain industry. 2019, college of Beijing grain industry has 57 to choose tone to be born will hurry off to the 17 provinces area such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Gansu Province, the canto with open new life. Reporter of Beijing youth newspaper learns unripe obtain employment to coach the center learns from this school, in recent years, this school chooses tone to give birth to number year after year to rise. The condition with uncertain result was recorded to fall in partial province action 2019, had grown 40% than 2018, 5.3 times was 2016, among them the Party member is occupied 70% . Why can you have such choice? Boreal blueness signed up for a reporter to have a special report to these graduate, they use real operation proof, the place that needs most to the motherland goes, it is the choice with best graduate of a college. Li Bo: Abandon 400 thousand yearly salary devoting oneself to home town to develop Qing Yin: The destiny that changes a person is simple, the d大兴黄村的ktv有陪唱的话estiny that changes a 伴游很努力一个月能拿多少钱flock of people is difficult! Go in the construction that I think to only I participate in excellent native place personally, ability does the business that him more can do for the development of home town. The major of dominant position of engineering course male doctor, famous university, research that pursues forward position domain, publish SCI retrieval paper 10, application country invents patent a …… to be about to obtain the Li Bo of degree of doctoral record of formal schooling character, depend on excellent performance and condition, the obtain employment scope with favourable, broad development has been like pay the crucian carp of the river. What “ extends olive branch the first times to me is east wind day is produced, opening the yearly salary that give is 300 thousand, the 2nd be a Shenzhen is big a group of things with common features laser company, yearly salary adds up have 400 thousand + ……” however, stand in the crossroad of life, groups this guileless that goes all the way from Guangxi country is small, gave out however the result that a “ yields a person to cannot understand ” , abandon north going up wide deep, return home town, the choice is made from basic level, even if the salary of earning still has not been touched,read the allowance of rich. Such choice, be versed in to managing in north attend school 10 for the Li Bo that carry, not be temporarily actuation, however cogitative the life decision later. “ temporarily high pay, although can improve my life, but scan widely life, how can oneself value just come true? ” Li Bo tells north blueness signs up for a reporter, with the Guangxi that he has gone to Gui Ping is exemple, here has ” of uprise of “ gold field to wait for a顺义良子按摩 batch of high grade travel projects, but in form a complete set service, infrastructure is mixed publicize external on, still have very big improve a space, basic level current situation imposes auspicious condition of the country, for them these undergraduates provided best stage. The choice is done choose tone to be born, li Bo is not blind, during the university, he pays close attention to the development of national policy, home town actively to reform a circumstance not only, still carry out survey of thorough basic level through the society, the ideal that lets oneself is more hardheaded. Although, li Bo is during the doctor, had oneself plan already, but draw near graduation he just is mixed to family friend confide aspirations. Do not give anticipation, the resistance that Li Bo’s decision faces is not little. Li Bo’s home is in Guangxi country, 4 children in the home, two undergraduates, the time passes closely cling to. Sensible Li Bo, the country applied for to aid during undergraduate course learn loan, depend on remarkable success, below the support of country and school award stipend, not homeward in had wanted money one minute, complete oneself school work smoothly, become familial the first doctor, be expressed great expectations by family. “ family is the following to me the road has had a lot of to let one’s thought flow freely, hope I am OK lintel of financial freedom, brilliance, but do not include return to one’s native place to be made from basic level for certain. ” is in face those who come from family and friend to indissoluble even when obstruction, li Bo did not shake oneself idea, adopt the ” that “ is divided and attacks however, he and mother talk, talk with brotherly sister, make the job, list determination, talk about ideal, each “ checkmate ” , won the understanding of family and support finally. Sun Lu: Touch at ” touch China ” take root builds Qing Yin at basic level: Go basic level works to me it is a profession not only, it is one can let me all one’s life struggle for it more, the career of pour into enthusiasm. “ decides to go basic level works, not be an easy thing. I several evening were not asleep become aware, should strive for the chance that takes Beijing job with high salary, say not enchanted that deceives people. ” Ningxia picks key say when the heart road course that unripe Sun Lu of chemistry of industry of grain of unripe, north and chemical college Master is sharing her, that heart at the beginning of the portion makes her sturdy this choice. Sun Lu says, when just coming to the university on Beijing, somebody asks her whether “ rides a ca私人伴游价格mel to go to school even in Ningxia ” , she is dark in those days be determined, devote into after graduation build at home town, learn to let home town become better and better with place, also let more person understand Ningxia. Looking 2016 ” touch China ” when, this seed “ that the achievement that of the Qin Dynasty of undergraduate village official flies to lets her heart is medium gave birth to root ” , sun Lu tells north blueness signs up for a reporter, of the Qin Dynasty flies is Yale economics and the brilliant student with professional politics, after he graduates with outstanding achievement, did not go crossing state-owend enterprise course of study to do a white-collar, choose to answer motherland country service however. When the reporter asks why he chooses so, he says: I must get “ the common people that knows myself state, understanding has what kind of joys and sorrows of life among their life, ability learns a strong point to produce greater value with his place, the country that allows on大兴南海ktv报价eself becomes better ” . This story is right of Sun Lu touch very big, she also hopes she can fly to do bit of significant thing for people euqally like of the Qin Dynasty. Before you can say Jack Robinson, career of graduate student study is about to end, graduating when the station when the fork crossing of this one life, sun Lu still stands fast first heart, abandon taking the chance of Beijing, the selection goes building the little village of home town. “ thinks of to choose tone to give birth to basic level to serve when me what be faced with possibly two years is a country when difficult living conditions, in my heart did not fear, can have small longing instead, ” Sun Lu says, go basic level works, it is the place that her dream begins, also be the way with implementation individual best value, she can cherish this rare opportunity, masses of thorough basic level, service. To her, this will be a profession not only, can let her work and fight all life more, the career of pour into enthusiasm. Wang Yi: The long-cherished wish that the bosom puts grandfather is far go to border area to be a country effectiveness Qing Yin: I hope to carry my option, let more person see 95 after take on, regard qualification of career of Chinese characteristic socialism as builder and reliable successor, we won’t disappoint this times. Never have been to Tibet, do not know to whether have downy reaction, know nothing about Tibetan language, the Wang Yi of undergraduate students of college of space navigation of boreal grain industry that is about to graduate making far when the decision that attends Tibet, the everybody beside him expresses to indissoluble. “ this is not me one fashionable rises, the decision ” that makes after the course is cogitative however, wang Yi is telling north blueness signs up for a reporter. He is born in a military home, grandfather, uncle is a soldier, domestic edification lets him imprint at the heart with respect to patriotic to “ ” as a child, “ grandfather has attended the Huai-Hai Campaign, in one’s childhood, I am the ” with the grown story that hearing grandfather, wang Yi is saying, grandfather still has a long-cherished wish before one’s death, serve as a soldier namely, fail to spill green warm blood in the border area of the motherland, make contribution for expect border area. Thenceforth rises, wang Yi with respect to bud an idea: Organic meeting must go Tibet, fulfil long-cherished wish for grandfather. Should be informed when moving unripe interview through Tibetan choosing, this is wearing glasses, appearance gentle schoolboy laughed. Although go,Tibetan job has a lot of sealed, but he is early ready. But “ parents is in, do not travel faraway ” , when offerring this think of a way, what object 御都桑拿above all is Wang Yi mother. Because the age is not old, it is the singleton in the home, his mother fears he g密云推拿哪里最好oes ” of Tibetan “ be unable to stand. This 95 hind the proof of parents of actual travel tendercy that the boy uses him, he has been a heroic man, ask parents to be at ease. Struggling is green the brightest beautiful impression, choose the place that needs most to the motherland, it is contemporary undergraduate rear the simple feelings to home town, take on to national responsibility, still have in basic level build in wide world result the longing that establishs value of life of course of study, implementation.


A few days ago, beijing accelerates applied setting to build the job to advance can hold, beijing publishs list of first project of 10 application setting, city of science of project of construction of park of river of project of construction of center of abundant stage innovation, lukewarm Yu, future reveals a center build a project to wait selected. 10 projects total investment exceeds 3 billion yuan. Future, these projects make health of artificial intelligence of have the aid of, medicine and intelligence the new technology new product that waits for a respect, promotion town essence of life refines management, stimulative the people’s livelihood is improved. Beijing has resource of rich innovation of science and technology, wait for a technology to mature stage by stage as science of artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, new material, life, industrialization perhaps is about to enter autumn, be badly in need of applying setting construction to model more to send an advantage first for Beijing. Through opening applied setting, can extend the market to provide new test space for the enterprise, to promote innovation achievement application provides hatch platform; In the meantime, applied setting construction also can drive governmental oneself to innovate, the domain more such as improvement of management, the people’s liveliho北京丰台私人spa会所od is refined to introduce new technology new product in urban essence of life. On the meeting, xu Jiang of director of city committee of science and technology introduces Beijing application setting to build a project to collect a c北京江南会ktvondition, applied setting needs to accord with fixed position of capital city function and high-grade industry to develop way, the applied field that uses setting among them basically is health of environmental protection of traffic, municipal construction, housing construction, zoology, public safety, medical 北京桑拿服务treatment, education service of safety of service, banking service, food, provide for the aged. First applied setting built Beijing 2019 project in all 10, include center of abundant stage innovation to build park of river of project, lukewarm Yu to build c女私人伴游陪床招聘兰州enter of conference of project, country 2 period city building of university of countryside of construction project, fine sets a project to wait. 10 projects total investment exceeds 3 billion yuan, main concentration refines the domain such as management and improvement of the people’s livelihood in urban essence of life. These projects are right health of IT of artificial intelligence, energy-saving environmental protection, new generation, medicine and intelligence make the new technology that waits for a respect new product has extensive demand, the project once be born application, will improve the experience such as citizen study, job, go to a doctor, provide for the aged greatly. For example, center of abundant stage innovation builds a project to need to build system of lighting of visible platform, intelligence, environment to monitor a system to wait; City building of fine countryside university sets project lieutenant general to recommend wisdom application and solution, the perception that realizes wisdom, build model, analysis, compositive with processing, with more careful with dynamic means promotion college town runs efficiency of administration of level of management, government to wait. The artificial intelligence medicine of Haidian hospital is video analyse demonstrative project, the medicine that is based on pilot construction the artificial intelligence technology such as pattern recognition, deepness study is video analytic platform, think partial disease is diagnosed offer auxiliary diagnose; The urban intelligence of Haidian area changes general management demonstrative project to will be in urban government service 密云万都金港ktv电话open city cerebra applies setting, the plan uses the technology such as content couplet net, big data and artificial intelligence, combine remote sensing of high-definition video, high-definition map, satellite to wait, realize whole area big city to be in charge of business intelligence to turn general management. Xu Jiang expresses, beijing committee of science and technology collects ceaseless and perfect project, choose, release a mechanism, promote governmental innovation, enterprise innovation through setting application, welcome main body of of all kinds innovation to be opposite actively with demand unit receive, make larger contribution for development of Beijing high quality. Link First applied setting builds a project 1.  Center of abundant stage innovation builds a project 2.  Park of lukewarm Yu river builds a project 3.  Prospective science city reveals a center to build a project 4.  National北京桑拿天 conference center 2 period build a project 5.  City building of fine countryside university sets a project 6.  One area builds garden of ZhongGuanCun abundant stage on the west proje密云英伦小包ktvct 7.  Service center of rehabilitation of dweller provide for the aged builds a project 8.  Artificial intelligence medicine is video analyse demonstrative proje重庆富侨足浴丰台有店呜ct 9.  Urban intelligence turns general management demonstrative project 10.  Intelligence turns demonstrative project of motor-car of city land with certain boundaries